Construction Of Granaries «turnkey»

«AgroStroitel Ug» offers design, construction of granaries, communications heating, ventilation. Favorable prices, execution of orders of any complexity, own production (metalwork plant).

GRANARY CAPACITY OF 4,000 t. «Port ARMADA», Astrakhan region.

Agricultural buildings made of metal is a reliable and proven technology with the perfect combination of price/quality. The frame is assembled on a lightweight Foundation without the use of heavy special.techniques.

GRANARY CAPACITY OF 3,000 t.  «Volgo-Port», Astrakhan region.

Structure for grain storage and agricultural objects are framed and frameless.

Утепля Such structures are insulated using sandwich panels.

Our company has extensive experience in the construction of agricultural facilities.

GRANARY. «Volgo-Port», 3rd turn, Astrakhan region.

We built such objects as:

  • Granary volume of 3000 tons. «Volgo-Port» 1st, 2nd and 3rd turn
  • Granary volume of 4500 tons. «Alfa-Port»
  • Granary volume of 4000 tons. «Port ARMADA», Astrakhan region.
  • Granary volume of 6000 tons. ООО «Ulyanovec», Stavropol Krai, p. Novoulyanovskiy

CONSTRUCTION OF STEEL STRUCTURES. «Volgo-Port», 2nd stage, Astrakhan region.

You can be sure that you will get a ready turnkey facility on time, in compliance with all sanitary,technical and technological standards.

Send us a request for a preliminary calculation of the cost of Your future construction!

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