Construction of fish processing complexes and fish shops. Chambers for freezing and storage of fish

The company «AgroStroitel Ug» is engaged in design and construction of fish processing complexes, fish shops.

When developing projects, our specialists take into account all SanPiN and hygienic requirements for such buildings and structures. Special attention is paid to technological features. After all, to conduct a successful and cost-effective business, it is important to think over everything necessary at the construction stage.

In the workshops it is important to correctly configure :

  • Heating and ventilation, air conditioning .
  • Hot and cold water eyeliner .
  • The system of drains and sewers .
  • Lighting, gas .
  • Container washing system .
  • System of disinfection of the premises .
  • Refrigerators and fish freezing system .

And also to organize a convenient administrative and household building.

  • To design office rooms, catering, sanitary units, the room for protection .
  • To arrange a Parking space .
  • To set street lighting .
  • Provide for the storage and disposal of household and industrial waste .
  • Do not forget about the landscaping, landscaping .

The portfolio of the company “Agrostroitel Yug” already has experience in the construction and equipment of fish processing plants.

Fish factory in the village. Color, at the heart of metal objects, sandwich panels. The object was made by us turnkey, including equipment, communications.


Fish processing plant for a group of companies “Bakreu”, warehouse-fridge. Planning, coordination, pile Foundation, construction of buildings with multiple entrances and exits to the finished product, special dustless reinforced floors, lots of gates, refrigeration units. As well as equipment, communications.

BACREU, Astrakhan oblast

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