The construction of Vegetable storage facilities «turnkey»

To ensure the safety of the vegetable harvest for a long period of time is as important as to collect this crop. Construction of capital vegetable storage is costly both financially and in terms of construction.

VEGETABLE STORAGE VOLUME OF 6,000 TONS. OOO «Ulyanovec», Stavropol Krai, p. novoulyanovskiy

The company «AgroStroitel Ug» offers the universal solution – Frame and frameless hangars for storage of vegetables.

We are engaged in production of a metalwork, installation, and also the equipment of ready hangars with all necessary equipment for maintenance of the necessary microclimate.

LOGISTICS CENTER. ООО «Zavetnoe», Stavropol Krai, s. Novozavedennoye

The most important thing in the storage – to provide reliable insulation to the winter hangar is not frozen, mount ventilation to avoid moisture and mold and fungi. In addition, it is necessary to ensure tightness and comply with all necessary sanitary standards to protect the crop from pests. All these factors provide excellent vegetable storages of strip, frameless arched hangars, insulated with polyurethane foam.

Hangars from LSTK (frame hangars), insulated sandwich panels, also cope well with the tasks applied to vegetable stores. In addition, this option allows the construction of premises to build a wide variety of configurations, this option is most often used for non-standard projects.

VEGETABLE STORE – 20 х 73,8 м. “IRRIKO”, Stavropol Krai, Ipatovsky district, village Vinodelcheskiy

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