The construction of storage facilities «turnkey»

If you are faced with the task of storing the fruit harvest in compliance with comfortable for a particular type of temperature and humidity, you can not go wrong if you choose for this fruit storage of metal.

UFSIN, Elista, Republic of Kalmykia

The company «Agrostroitel Ug» is engaged in manufacture and mounting of framed and frameless hangars, metal, insulated, hermetic, controlled atmosphere, equipped with the necessary refrigeration equipment and create the desired microclimate.

Frameless arched hangars  – self-supporting structure made of galvanized steel, made directly on the construction site with a special machine. Strip arch is the wall of the hangar and does not need finishing, because aesthetic in itself. Such hangar is insulated with polyurethane foam, sprayed directly on the walls. Polyurethane foam easily adapts to any geometry of the walls. This allows you to make the hangar airtight and eliminate micro-drafts at the joints. Built a hangar on a lightweight strip Foundation. All these factors allow us to consider this type of hangar the most economical and fastest in construction. The performance of this hangar is high and meets all sanitary requirements.

A frame sheds made of metal — a great option for any configuration of the building, including if you have a custom project. The building is assembled as a designer of blanks, directly on the site. All details and connections are thought out at the design stage, with the help of the program. So that mistakes and inaccuracies are excluded. For frame sheds also suitable for a light Foundation. Insulation and finishing options are used a variety of affordable and quality for your project.

Stage of construction:

  • Hangar design (you can use a standard project, or choose the service of development of an individual project from our specialists)
  • Foundation works
  • Pouring concrete floor. Fill the topping floor.
  • Production and installation of arches from a strip (in case of frame option – production of a metalwork and installation).
  • Insulation of walls and ceiling polyurethane foam (or any other suitable for your project insulation).
  • Installation of wall-cells for storage in bulk.
  • Installation of ventilation system and other necessary equipment.
  • Personnel training

«TSARITSINO», Volgograd, Volgograd region