Construction of storage facilities

The company “Agrostroitel Ug” produces the structure for the rural farms, in particular, storage of metal structures, prefabricated lsts, frame and frameless hangars.

High performance, service life up to 75 years, the variety of shapes, designs, possibility of thermal insulation, installation of refrigeration equipment, airtightness and meet sanitary-hygienic characteristics of preventing damage of the crop – all these qualities make storage of metal perfect option for construction.

VEGETABLE AND FRUIT STORAGE, Elista, Republic of Kalmykia

Our designers carefully calculate each element, optimize the cost of materials. The Foundation for the construction of this type is required Lite. All this leads to a reduction in construction time, and therefore start a business you can in a short time.

Design and installation is carried out in such a way that unloading, crop storage and maintenance of agricultural machinery were carried out in the best, convenient way way.

VEGETABLE STORE — 20 x 73.8 m. “IRRICO”, Stavropol Krai, Ipatovsky district, village Vinodelcheskiy

Advantages of hangars made of metal structures:

Low weight construction, the ability to build on lightweight foundation.

Minimum construction time, no heavy construction, large equipment.

The versatility of the hangar. If the design was planned collapsible, in case of moving, you can disassemble the hangar and collect on new place.

High strength, anti-corrosion properties and durability designs.

If necessary, the hangar can be expanded and supplemented. That’s all hangars can be equipped with all necessary technical equipment: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, refrigerators, gas chambers bananas, equipment for processing of raw materials.

THE GRANARY “VOLGA-PORT”, line 2, Astrakhan region.

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