Construction of industrial cold stores and warehouses

We mount efficient and reliable cooling systems that will give your company undeniable competitive advantages.

TSARITSINSKIE KOLBASI – 1st stage. Shop for the production and storage of meat products. Astrakhan, Rybinskaya str.

Experience mount refrigeration equipment from the company «Agrostroitel Ug» more than 10 years. During this time, we have equipped industrial refrigerators companies such as warehouse for storage of frozen products, SP Jumatov S. W., a warehouse-refrigerator for fish processing plant for a group of companies “Bakreu”, a warehouse-refrigerator for a fish processing plant in S. Color, etc.

Entrepreneurs in the food industry know how important quality refrigeration equipment that maintains the optimum temperature to extend the life storage of production. After all, this factor directly affects profitability companies.

Production, distribution, storage and even supermarket shelves are a chain on which it is necessary to ensure a constant and the same temperature, optimal for storage of certain products.

TSARITSINSKIE KOLBASI – 2st stage. Shop for the production and storage of meat products. Astrakhan, Rybinskaya str.

Medium temperature mode (t from -5 to+5). 

On farms, manufacturers and shopping centers, where the work goes with fresh products, a positive temperature storage mode is required in order to provide the following: factors:

  • humidity control;
  • Create optimum air flow;
  • The flow of air in the vault
  • Integration into the supply chain system enterprises on the way of transportation, packaging and warehousing.

WAREHOUSE FOR STORAGE OF FROZEN PRODUCTS. IP Jumatov Sh. U.. Astrakhan, Volga district, Nachalovskoe highway

The low-temperature regime (to – 40)

For seasonal products, as well as meat, dairy and fast food is such a necessary temperature mode. Here the warehouse is equipped with storage systems with convenient free space to move products.

Factors that we pay attention to during installation this kind of industrial refrigerators:

  • Obstacle to the emergence of thermal bridges;
  • Steam exclusion;
  • Selection of special refrigeration gates that meet requirements;
  • Heating of critical elements (gates, drainage, etc.))


Cooling in the production process

We we adapt our cooling systems to the production process in order to the manufacturer could guarantee the quality and maximum shelf life its products. Temperature control throughout the production, transportation and storage cycle is a key factor in technologies.

Deep (shock) freezing (to -75)

We also we carry out engineering and production of equipment for fluidization. Fruits’, vegetables, mushrooms, finished products, etc.

LOGISTICS CENTRE. OOO «ZAVETNOE», Stavropol Krai. s. novozavedennoye

It individual modules of different sizes and throughput, or the whole refrigerated warehouse.

Также мы предлагаем льдогенераторы, камеры газации бананов, компрессорно-конденсаторные агрегаты, холодильные централи (многокомпрессорные установки), системы охлаждения жидкостей.

Dairy products, bakery products, meat, vegetables, berries, fruit, finished products – we make the refrigerating appliances of any configuration and appointment for all stages of production, from crop storage in hangars, production conveyor to shop Windows in the supermarket. Google Переводчик

Vegetable storage VOLUME of 6,000 T. ООО «ULYANOVEC», Stavropol Krai, p. novoulyanovskiy

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