Construction of pre-fabricated hangars

Hangars from strip – metal prefabricated semicircular structure made of galvanized steel. Their installation is carried out directly on the construction site with the help of special.techniques. Perhaps this is the fastest and relatively inexpensive option for construction of vegetable – granaries, warehouses and mini-farms.

VEGETABLE STORAGE – 20 х 73,8 м. «IRRIKO», Stavropol Krai, Ipatovsky district, village Vinodelcheskiy

These hangars are built on a lightweight Foundation, they can be insulated if necessary, and equipped with everything you need: ventilation, heating, refrigerators, and other.

CONSTRUCTION OF STEEL STRUCTURES VOLGO-PORT. «Volgo-Port», 2nd stage, Astrakhan region.

Insulation of arched frameless hangars is carried out with polyurethane foam, the material is sprayed directly on the walls. Thus, the maximum tightness of the insulation layer is achieved, excluding micro-cracks at the joints. Polyurethane foam is a lightweight material, its thickness can be controlled up to a millimeter. Service life – over 30 years. Excellent adhesion to the surface of the walls, in addition, no preparation of the walls before application is required. All this allows to reduce the construction time, which is also an undeniable advantage.

GRANARY VOLUME of 4000 t «Port ARMADA», Astrakhan region.

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