Prefabricated sheds

If you need to build a warehouse or production facility, but there is no way to spend a lot of money on capital construction. In this case, collapsible hangar will be an excellent solution.

Collapsible hangars in recent years have gained high popularity. The main advantage of such buildings is their price — saves a lot of time and money in the construction of prefabricated hangar. Delivery is carried out in a container and Assembly takes place on site. All fasteners and components are manufactured in the factory, which guarantees reliability, high performance and durability of the building. The absence of the frame causes ease and speed of installation, as well as increases the usable area of the building.


  • Fast installation speed
  • If necessary, can be disassembled and transported to other place
  • Low cost compared to hangars stationary type

Such constructions are a kind of “constructors”. If in the future you need to increase the length or even move the hangar to another location, it is quite possible. Such a structure can be disassembled and reassembled in any other place without losing any performance properties, strength, and appearance.

Collapsible hangars are mounted in a short time. Installation takes place on a lightweight Foundation that allows you to build on uncomfortable and hard-to-reach areas and at any time of the year. The construction does not require welding and heavy machinery.

Each project is completed on an individual order and it consists of standard elements, which allows you to further save on design work.

The Agrostroitel Yug company offers installation of collapsible hangars on all South and the Central strip of Russia, and also in the neighboring countries. Cooperating with our company You get all the advantages of world experience, provide your projects with practicality and durability, as well as save time and money.