Construction of hangars and warehouses

The company “AgroStroitel Ug” engaged in construction of agricultural buildings of lightweight steel structures, frame and frameless. As well as capital buildings and structures for various purposes.

IP Stolyarov, metal warehouse, Kutum, Astrakhan region

Hangars and farms, livestock facilities, buildings for, warehouses and storages for vegetables, root crops, equipped industrial refrigerators, equipped with ventilation systems, heating — up to factories and farms of industrial scale.

Warehouse for machinery «Zavod Tomatov», the village Volnoe, Kharabalinsky district

Our company develops standard frame and frameless hangar designs and customized designs for your specific needs.

WAREHOUSE FOR STORAGE OF FROZEN PRODUCTS. IP Jumatov. Astrakhan, Privoljskiy region, Nachalovskoe highway

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