Design of objects of Agrocomplex

The first stage when working with a new object — design.

The key to quick and error-free further work, the absence of disagreements is laid at this stage. It is important to contact a specialized company for design. It is better if the design Department will be part of the construction company, because it will take into account a lot of nuances that are known only to builders. Engineers of the design Department will develop drawings based on the technical specifications, approved sketch of the future design.

In the process of design, optimized metal consumption, rationally assembled all the elements of the metal frame and mounting components of the supporting structures, creates maximum efficiency.

The work of a competent designer provides:

  • The combination of aesthetic, functional and operational components of the designed building.
  • The required bearing capacity is provided metalworks.
  • Design weight optimization.
  • Minimization of labor costs in the manufacture and installation.
  • Reduction of construction time.

The company «AgroStroitel Ug» has a staff of professional engineers with extensive experience in this area. We guarantee a quality result.

«AgroStroitel Ug» carries out a full complex of services makes the structure of metal under the key. In our Arsenal there are ready-made standard projects for various buildings, whether it is vegetable – fruit-storage, fish processing complex or a small family farm. We will develop a high-quality individual project, we will take into account all the features and specific needs of your business.

Important addition:

If you already have a finished project, we offer free service: our engineers will analyze your project and, in case of need, prompt, as it is possible to optimize and improve, offer options for cost savings.

Send us a request for a preliminary calculation of the cost of Your future construction!

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