About company «Agrostroitel Ug»

The company «Agrostroitel Ug» is a separate division of the Group of companies «Fabricant», which since 2009 is working on the development of agriculture in the entire territory of the southern Federal District of Russia.

The range of services provided by the company in this direction is quite wide:

  • Design and construction of fruit storages, vegetable storages and granaries for different types of storage (container or bulk)
  • Design and construction of buildings and facilities for livestock
  • Design and construction of mushroom farms
  • Design and construction of fish processing plants
  • Equipment with all the necessary equipment of the agro-complex facilities: climatic equipment, equipment for storage and storage of products, equipment for keeping animals, equipment for greenhouses, equipment for primary processing of products

Since 2009, the company «Agrostroitel Ug» has completed more than 180 projects, agro-industrial areas, in the Astrakhan, Volgograd, Stavropol region and the Republic of Kalmykia and Kazakhstan.

Our company is accredited in OJSC «RosSelhozBank» , «Sberbank» , «Astragrolizing» . Therefore, our customers, carrying out their activities in the field of agriculture, can take advantage of preferential terms of lending to these financial institutions.

The main advantage of our company — an integrated approach to the client: providing him with a full range of services from design to commissioning, flexible pricing with a developed system of discounts.

Comprehensive support and care for their customers provides mutually beneficial cooperation and contributes to further development.

The construction of modern agro technologies

The construction of the agricultural complex, such as vegetable and fruit and grain silos, as well as poultry and livestock farms – what the company offers «Agrostroitel Ug».

We offer fabricated frame, and a single-span frameless design in Pyatigorsk. They are durable, have an aesthetic appearance, and have all the necessary qualities to ensure that your business is maintained at a decent level.

In the manufacture we use environmentally friendly materials with high thermal insulation and fire-proof properties, protected from corrosion. Frame structures are ideal for keeping poultry and agricultural animals, allow you to maintain the necessary microclimate inside the storage. This is certainly an important factor that directly affects the quality of products.

What you get

We apply an individual approach to each customer. At optimal cost, we provide project development, construction of agricultural facilities and storage “turnkey”. Our facilities meet all technological requirements with the features of the content of the different species of animals and storage of vegetables, fruits, grains and other agricultural products. You can be sure of the accuracy of the project documentation, and you can also get advice on coordination and approval in government agencies.

The construction of “turnkey” is also beneficial for those that you work with a contractor and full responsibility for all phases of construction carries one organization, our. This means that you can be confident in the reliability of the project, meeting deadlines and, of course, as a finished object.