Frameless hangars

Hangars from strip – metal prefabricated arched structure made of galvanized steel. Their installation is carried out directly on the construction site with the help of special.techniques. Perhaps this is the fastest and relatively inexpensive option for the construction of vegetable – granaries, warehouses and mini-farms.

GRANARY «VOLGO-PORT», 2ND STAGE, Astrakhan region.

Advantages of frameless hangars

Light metal structures, quick installation and cost-effective in comparison with capital structures – an excellent solution for the agricultural sector, in particular, for storage. Prefabricated frameless hangars and farms are modern technologies used in the agricultural sector in recent decades. The low weight of the structure allows you to build buildings on a lightweight Foundation. This fact affects the reduction in the cost of construction.


Insulation is carried out with polyurethane foam, the material is sprayed directly on the wall. Thus, the maximum tightness of the insulation layer is achieved, excluding micro-cracks at the joints. Polyurethane foam is a lightweight material, its thickness can be controlled up to a millimeter. Service life — over 30 years. Excellent adhesion to the surface of the walls, in addition, no preparation of the walls is required. All this also allows to reduce the construction period.

Frame hangars

We produce and assemble steel structures hangars LSTC (light steel thin-walled structures), the hangars made of metal, prefabricated frame tent hangars, bead insulated sandwich panels and other types of walling.

Advantages of frame hangars

The basis of frame hangars can be beam, truss or structural structures. Each design is used for different tasks. Our designers will offer You the most optimal and profitable solution for your business. Lightweight Foundation, comparative speed of installation, the ability to create a collapsible structure (to transport the hangar if necessary), a large number of project options – all this makes the frame hangars an attractive universal solution for construction.

Functional, durable, economical in comparison with capital construction, durable, have a low load on the Foundation, resistant to seasonal movements of the soil. Fire resistance is provided by fire-resistant insulation materials and ceilings made of metal frame. Possibility of fast and economical reconstruction or expansion of the area in the operating room. Our company develops standard projects of frame and frameless hangars and individual projects for your specific needs.


LSTK are based on designs frame sheds

The farm from lsts (light steel thin-walled structures) are attached to each other by means of bolted connections. They are much lighter than trusses and beams of rough metal. The ease and simplicity of installation make lsts quite common way of building frame structures.
high-strength 350 steel 0.7-3.0 mm thick acts as raw material for the manufacture of the frame and walls on the basis of metal construction, covering the floors with a layer of zinc in 275g/m2. 

Hot-dip galvanized steel is protected from corrosion and will last unchanged for up to 100 years. The structures are fire-resistant and are not exposed to the biosphere. Do not shrink. Since the structures are connected by bolts and fasteners, it is possible to partially disassemble and complete the building. And also rebuild it completely on the new site.

UFSIN, Elista, Republic of Kalmykia